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Hospitality and Catering

Our New Perks coffee bar is open to students and the public from 3.05pm to 7.00pm Tuesday to Friday. We are also open 9am to 12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday to support our events and hirers and provide our visitors with refreshments, members of the public are also welcome to drop in.

From here our customers can buy a wide range of items, below is our menu

Cappuccino £2.40 Jam 20p
Cheese Cake £1.50 Baguette £1.80
Breakfast Cob £3.20 Flat White/Macchiato £2.50
Cake £1.95 Travel Mug £5.50
Mocha £2.70 Wotsits/Quavers 70p
Meal Deal with Water £4.20 Hot Chocolate £2.60
Full Sugar Pop £1.50 Meal Deal With Diet Pop £4.40
Mug of Tea £1.80 Wrap/Sandwich £2.50
Meal Deal With Sugar Pop £4.60 Tea £1.60 Deli Crisps £1.00
Latte £2.40 Bob Cake 70p
Espresso Double £1.60 Milkshake 70p
Espresso Single £1.40 Grab & Go Cake £1.50
Diet/Zero Pop £1.30 Confectionary 80p
Water £1.10 Fruit 50p
Lucozade £1.50 Toast £1.00

All our prices include VAT where applicable and prices may change depending on our supply chain. Full price information can be found by visiting our coffee bar.