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C&G Level 2 Technical Award in Hair and Beauty Studies (3038-21)

In Years 10 and 11 students at New College Leicester can study C&G Level 2 Technical Award in Hair and Beauty Studies (3038-21)

Students can gain an insight into the world of Hair and Beauty, and will follow a programme which allows them to investigate various career opportunities and develop their knowledge of this sector. This includes an insight to the following: Exploring the world of Hair and Beauty from ancient times to current day and the technological advancements over these years; Science of Hair and Beauty covering the ingredients of products and the impact they have on the hair and skin; Design in the sector, covering the impact of design on business development.

Skills learnt are transferable to many other industries such as, dexterity, communication, teamwork, creativity and time management.

GCSEs that compliment this subject are Science, Business Studies, Computer Science, Media, Art.

We follow a scheme of work which is designed by the awarding body in both areas which is modified specifically for our students.

This course is assessed by:

1 Externally moderated theory exam – Year 10

1 Externally moderated synoptic assignment – Year 11

To view course material in more detail you can visit:

Year 10

Year 11

Theory exam

Synoptic Assignment

Unit 201 Exploring the world of hair and beauty

Practical assessment of an Era based theme – Unit 201

Unit 202 Science of hair and beauty

Written content to create a business design using images from the practical element of the assessment – Unit 203

Unit 203 Design in the hair and beauty sector

Written evaluation of products used and their impact on services – Unit 202


For further information contact:

Mrs E. King (Head of Hairdressing and Sixth Form)