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KS2 - BBC Bitesize FREE lessons and resources -

KS3 - BBC Bitesize FREE lessons and resources -

KS4 - BBC Bitesize FREE lessons and resources -

Royal Geographical Society -

Open University - - useful videos for revision.

YouTube - Geography Edexcel B

Geography GCSE Textbook – online: Access to the Facebook online: - Our code is 0038518 - you will need to register.

Geographers will learn about the complex human and physical processes and begin to ask questions about challenges and solutions to geographical issues.  Geographers will develop geographical skills in interpreting various data sources and continue to enrich their locational knowledge and special understanding with a focus on places specific details. 

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of issues facing our environment and develop ways to identify, describe, explain analyse, evaluate and assess topics including climate change, immigration, population increase, resource consumption, urbanisation and sustainability.  As part of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, students will have opportunities to engage in discussions and activities which highlight the diversity of the world in which they live and learn about various societies, cultures and belief systems.


Where can Geography take you? Careers and Employability

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