Frantic Assembly Theatre Company Visit New College Leicester

The physical theatre knowledge and skills of year 9 students were given a boost by a visit from a well-regarded theatre company, Frantic Assembly. This physical theatre-based company focused on developing students devising skills and their ability to create movement during a day long workshop held at the College.

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The experience provided students with an opportunity to engage with theatre professionals enhancing their artistic and cultural perspectives. It showed them the value of team work in performance and helped them to develop key devising skills required at BTEC in year 10.

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The Year 9 students clearly felt they had benefited from the experiences offered on the day. Here’s a selection of their enthusiastic comments:

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"I thought the floating arm activity was brilliant. I was able to develop my focus and learn more about working together as a team."

"I loved the chair/ anti-gravity activity. I thought it was great and a new style of movement we have never done before!"

"I enjoyed the connect, effect and disconnect activity the most. I’ve learnt so much more about team-work and I worked with people I wouldn’t normally work with."

"I loved that I could be myself and do what I enjoy! I loved the lifts area of the workshop." 

You can find out more about this ground-breaking theatre company at:


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