Welcome to the English Department

The English Curriculum:

Our curriculum is centred around five threshold concepts. They are key concepts that all experts implicitly know; throughout the five years of our English curriculum, these five core concepts are learnt, revisited and revised. This is to enable our learners to embed these on their journey to become expert readers, expert writers and expert speakers.

Our Threshold Concepts:

1. Context informs interpretation.

Every text exists in a moment of time. It is influenced by what has gone before it; what is happening now and what could happen in the future. Some writers use this to pass comments or judgements, whilst others use it to subvert the readers’ expectations. 

2. Writers use language, structure and form to convey meaning and manipulate readers/ audiences.

All texts are deliberately constructed to influence and manipulate audiences. In order to become a critical reader, expert writer and accomplished speaker it is imperative to be aware of how language, structure and form can be selected and manipulated.

3. An understanding of etymology, morphology and phonology is vital to decoding new material.

Words don’t exist in isolation; they are linked through meaning, roots and structure. Understanding these meanings, roots and structures enables us to develop a greater appreciation of the English language and, in turn, communicate effectively.

4. Standard English is vital in inspiring confidence in your audience.

A full command of the English language- in both formal and informal contexts- is therefore necessary to write in a convincing manner. This enables writers and speakers to present themselves as confident, competent and assured communicators. 

5. Texts and content are selected and sequenced to create specific meaning.

Writers select details, descriptions and opinions to construct meaning; these are deliberately selected, ordered and sequenced throughout a text in order to shape audience response.

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