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“Expert Readers, Expert Writers, Expert Speakers”

Welcome to English

Whether written, read or spoken- the word has the power to change lives. In the English department we are committed to empowering our students to become successful communicators. Whether that is in through developing their creativity in writing or critical thinking in abilities to read and formulate arguments about texts, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that expert readers, expert writers and expert speakers have. We strive to encourage students to showcase their flair through their written and spoken communication, celebrate their sense of humour and to develop empathy to put themselves in the shoes of others- in both imaginative and real-life situations. Furthermore, our curriculum is developed to expand horizons and broaden perspectives- encouraging students to formulating links between ideas, perspectives and texts they study and to develop a true appreciation for the beauty and craft of the English Language.

Our curriculum is centred around five threshold concepts. They are key concepts that all experts implicitly know; throughout the five years of our English curriculum, these five core concepts are learnt, revisited and revised. This is to enable our learners to embed these on their journey to become expert readers, expert writers and expert speakers.

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