Oak Academy online lessons

KS3 - https://classroom.thenational.academy/subjects-by-key-stage/key-stage-3/subjects/english


English websites for educational resources:

Accelerated Reading Website - https://ukhosted22.renlearn.co.uk/1894185/default.aspx

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - Edexcel exam board links.

Mr Bruff on YouTube - language and structure and Macbeth (Year 11).

Mary Meredith on YouTube for all conflict poetry (Year 11).

http://www.sparknotes.com - Macbeth (No fear Shakespeare)/Frankenstein and Journey’s End (Year 11).

We aim to develop our young people to enable them to competent and effective communicators:

Expert Readers

Reading comprehension is a vital skill in understanding and interpreting the world. We seek to make all students experts in reading by equipping them with the knowledge and skills that expert readers have.

Expert Writers

Written communication forms an important part of adult and working life. Throughout the course, students will be given numerous opportunities to hone their craft as writers for a variety of purposes, contexts and audiences.

Expert Speakers

Speaking skills are vital for success in adult life. A study by Deloitte (2018) highlighted speaking skills as those that will be most desirable by employers in the future. We are working closely with Voice 21 to provide students with a number of opportunities to develop their oracy skills both inside and outside of lessons.

English is an integral part in all our lives.  At New College Leicester we deliver a rich and vibrant curriculum which embraces both a traditional and diverse genre.    We read, we listen, we speak; it is the basis of our shared communication and connects us all.

Our English department is a busy and ever evolving faculty responding to the diverse needs and interests of our students teaching English Language, English Literature and Media Studies.

D.E.A.R.  Readers – did you know that every week the whole school takes time out to Drop Everything And Read?  Staff and Students can choose any form of text, books, magazines, manuals  - anything that they enjoy reading.