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WJEC  Level 1/2 Engineering

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An introduction to the course

Are you looking for a career in engineering, whether that be electric engineering, mechanical engineering or even a builder. Then the WJEC Engineering Level 1/2 Award is the course for you. This course provides a more practical alternative to the GCSE in Product Design. The emphasis of the course is on gaining experience in engineering drawings, producing a product from an engineering drawing and analysing existing engineered products. You should expect to spend at least 70% of your lesson time involved in practical activities.

You will produce a portfolio of evidence , this will demonstrate your ability to read and understand engineering drawings, produce CAD  (Computer Aided Design) engineering drawings and traditional hand drawn engineering drawings, and your ability to produce engineered products from engineering drawings.

What the course involves

Practical sessions will include:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of metals, plastics and production methods.
  • Making products that show you can read and understand an engineering drawing.
  • Having the opportunity to use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment such as vertical router, lathe, laser cutter and 3D printer.
  • Design and make activities, to include desk lamp, coat hook and many more.

Gained skills:

  • To select and use tools/equipment and processes to produce quality products, from an engineering drawing.
  • To consider solutions to problems in the design and manufacture process.
  • To use tools and equipment safely.
  • To work accurately and efficiently in terms of time, materials and components.
  • To manufacture products applying quality control procedures.
  • To learn about and use Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM).
  • Gaining an understand of how engineering drawings are used in industry and how to read them.

How the course is assessed

You will complete 2 units of work, which are internally accessed:

Unit 1: Engineering Design. This unit teaches you how to read and produce an engineering drawing.

Unit 2: Producing Engineering Products. This unit teaches you how to make an engineered product from an engineering drawing.

1 written exam, which is externally assessed.

Career Opportunities

It can be a basis for building skill related courses, construction, product design and engineering (of all kinds).

Post-16 opportunities

Level 3 Engineering, Electrical Engineering, all areas of construction apprenticeship to name a few.

Required resources/equipment for the course

You will be expected the purchase a Designers essentials kit provided by the school.

For further information contact:

Miss Roe (Head of Design & Technology)