End of Term Lunchtime Concerts Give Our Musicians The Chance to Shine

Congratulations to all our students who have taken part in this year's series of lunchtime concerts. 

Live performance is something that the most accomplished musicians find nerve wracking so to see our students, some of whom have only just started to learn an instrument, performing is really quite incredible. As one student commented: “The lunchtime concerts have improved my confidence and abilities. I really enjoy them. I get nervous sometimes, but it’s all worth it in the end!”

Whilst another student notes: “I like the ideas and effort that people place into the performances. It is helpful to me because it helps me become more confident and stronger in my performance skills.’

Lunchtime Concert 51.jpg

Miss Tutty, teacher of music at NCL, who introduced the lunchtime concerts to the college, is understandably full of praise for the musicians, commenting:

“Students who have performed all showed amazing commitment, resilience and performance skills. I am so proud of them all and they should be very proud of themselves too. Having 10 students performing on the double bass as an ensemble is an extraordinary achievement for the students and the music department.”

Lunchtime Concert 6.jpg

The young musicians are benefiting from these concerts in terms of developing their skills and confidence buts are also enjoying sharing ideas and performance reviews with others. This collaborative effort seems to be supportive of individuals and is raising the overall standards of the concert as noted by two students:

“Everyone’s ideas are always taken into consideration so we can enjoy practising and performing.”

“The performances always came out well and all ideas and opinions are listened to and incorporated into the final concert.”

Of course, the concerts wouldn’t be worthwhile without an audience. Miss Tutty and the musicians are very grateful to the students who support these events and who may themselves be benefiting from the experience of watching a live performance.

Staff also pop along to the concerts and love seeing the students in a context other than the classroom. 

“It brightens up our day watching them!” observes a concert regular.

We look forward to more lunchtime concerts from our hardworking, dedicated musicians.

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