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Students can select to study Drama in year 9. This enables greater exploration of styles of drama. Throughout the year, students will develop their knowledge of different styles through applying stylistic qualities, fundamental skills and techniques into a performance. Students have opportunities to further develop their skills through being actively involved in extra-curricular group performances throughout the year. 

Students have 2 lessons a fortnight.




Key content

Autumn Term

Scripted performances; focussing on physical and vocal skills.

  • Learn key physical and vocal skills
  • To develop leadership skills by being a team player
  • To develop characterisation in scripted extracts
  • Be an effective audience member
  • To develop an awareness of purpose’ of a script
  • How to approach a scripted extract through rehearsal techniques such as blocking.

Spring  Term

Theatre styles and practitioners

  • To develop movement sequences such as stylised movement to tell a story.
  • Explore ensemble movement to tell a story
  • To develop knowledge of different theatre practitioners and their process’ used
  • To understand different styles of theatre such as physical theatre and Brecht.
  • Perform and appreciate different styles of theatre

Summer Term

Responding to a brief

  • Learn the starting points when creating a performance from a stimuli
  • Learn the different techniques and stylistic qualities that can be applied to a performance.
  • Explore how to use improvisation to discover the potential development of ideas.
  • Devise characters that have clear personalities to influence the storyline.
  • Perform devised work ensuring a clear purpose is created.