Design & Technology

“To develop students who are confident to problem solve through investigation, design and making”

The Design and Technology Department is part of the Expressive Arts Faculty and contributes to a diverse, interesting and exciting curriculum. The Design and Technology Department offers students a wide variety of experiences and activities with specialist facilities. These include a recently refurbished food room, fully equipped workshop, textiles workroom and technology classroom with CAD/CAM facilities.

Students are encouraged to recognise what they are good at and develop self-confidence .  We are all good at something in design & technology it may be cooking, wood or metalwork, Computer aided design or sewing. They are encouraged to give themselves a challenge.

Students build creative skills through investigation and problem solving, engaging in designing, sketching and modelling whilst using a range of materials to develop creativity and innovation.

Students develop key life skills to help them to manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.  These skills help to give them the emotional, social and intellectual tools needed to achieve success in life.  Life skills include practical activities, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and creative thinking.

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