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Students who choose to studying dance in year 9 explore a range of dance styles and professional dance works. Students develop their skills as a performer and choreographer and learn how to analyse and appreciate dance. Students also have the opportunity to attend theatre visits and perform in productions.

Students have 2 lessons a fortnight.



Key content

Autumn Term 1

An introduction to learning dance

  • Appropriate dancewear for safe working practices
  • How to look after a dancer
  • Develop skills in contemporary dance introduction of choreographer James Wilton
  • Introduction to the 10 physical skills (comp 1 and 2)
  • Introduction to choreographic devices (comp 3)
  • Introduction to dance analysis (comp1 and 3

Autumn Term 2

Street dance

  • Develop skills in the Hip Hop dance style. Introduction of choreographer Katie Prince, Boy Blue and Ashley Wallen
  • Development of physical skills (comp1 and 2)
  • Development of dance analysis (comp 1)
  • Rehearsal skills (Comp 2)

Spring Term 1

Becoming a dance company

  • Performing a piece of Musical Theatre repertoire with accuracy (everybody’s talking about Jamie) (comp 2)
  • Developing knowledge of a dance company and roles and responsibilities (Comp 1 and 2)


Spring Term 2


Dance style workshops

  • Workshop in Ballet dance style
  • Workshop in Tap dance style
  • Develop skills in the Contemporary dance style
  • Refine key physical skills
  • Create movement content in response to a stimulus
  • Self-evaluation

Summer Term


  • Responding to a creative brief (Comp 3)
  • Developing ideas and content from a stimulus (Comp 3)
  • Create movement motifs (comp 3)
  • Working as a team
  • Dance structures (comp 1 and 3)
  • Dance roles and responsibilities in a company (Comp1)
  • Evaluate the create process and final outcome (Comp 3)