Curriculum Years 7-11

We offer a rich and inspiring curriculum enabling each individual to explore their potential, build on their strengths and discover their passion. We do this by embedding a culture of respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience. Our curriculum journey empowers students to make successful life choices and meaningful contributions to society.

There are 5 key principles underpinning the design of the college’s curriculum:

  • It is a broad and balanced curriculum that is appropriately challenging.
  • The curriculum addresses and rebalances some of the local area inequalities.
  • It is inclusive and differentiated to meet individual needs of students.
  • There is a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics to ensure basic skills are embedded at an early stage to allow students to access the wider curriculum.
  • The curriculum ensures that students have equal access to support and enrichment opportunities to enhance their curriculum experience

Over the next two weeks class teachers will be available to answer email queries about the work – teacher email addresses are below.  Teachers will endeavor to answer queries within 48 hours providing that they are well.

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