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Creative iMedia

The Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia will equip learners with a range of creative media skills and provide opportunities to develop, in context, desirable, transferable skills such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively.

Through the use of these skills, learners will ultimately be creating fit-for-purpose creative media products.

In year 11 students will learn following


Key content

R085 LO1 Understanding the properties and features of multipage websites

  • The purpose and features of websites in the public domain
  • The devices used to access web pages
  • The methods of internet connection

R085 LO2

  • How to interpret client requirements
  • Understand target audience requirements
  • Produce a work plan for the creation of a multipage website
  • How legislation applies to websites and those assets used.
  • Create a site map with navigation links
  • Produce a visualisation diagram for a web page with a house style
  • Identify assets needed for a website
  • Identify resources needed to create and publish a website
  • Create and maintain a test plan

R085 LO3 Create multipage websites using multimedia components

  • Create suitable folder structures
  • Source and import assets
  • Create a suitable master page as a template
  • Use a range of tools and techniques in web authoring software to create a website
  • Insert assets into web pages
  • Create a navigation system
  • Save a multipage website in an appropriate format
  • Publish a multipage website to a given location
  • Use version control


R085 Review a multipage website

  • Review a multipage website against a specific brief
  • Identify areas for improvement and further development

R087 LO1 Understand the uses and properties of interactive multimedia products

  • Where are interactive multimedia products used and their purpose?
  • What are the key elements to consider in its design
  • What hardware is required to create an interactive multimedia product
  • What are the limitations caused by hardware and software when accessing the product?
  • What would be a suitable file format to save the product

R087 LO2 Be able to plan interactive multimedia products

  • Interpreting client requirements
  • Understand target audience requirements
  • Produce a work plan
  • Plan the structure and features
  • Produce a series of visualisation diagrams
  • Identify resources need to create a digital graphic
  • Create and maintain a test plan
  • Legislation

R087 LO3 Create interactive multimedia products

  • Source assets to be used in the product
  • Create and re-purpose assets
  • Store assets to be used in an interactive product
  • Create an interactive multimedia product
  • Set up interaction and playback controls
  • Save the product in a appropriate formats
  • Export the product


R087 LO4 Review an interactive multimedia product

  • Review a digital graphic against requirements
  • Identify areas in a digital graphic for improvement and further development