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Creative iMedia

An introduction to the course

The Creative I Media course teaches creative media skills through the practical use of a variety of different ICT applications. It provides you with the essential knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve your learning in other subjects with the aims of enhancing employability when you leave education.

This contributes to your personal development and future economic well-being by equipping you with a range of creative media skills providing opportunities to develop desirable, transferable skills such as research, planning, and the ability to work with others, communicating creative concepts effectively. With these skills you will ultimately be creating fit-for-purpose creative media products.

What the course involves and how is it assessed?

The OCR Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Creative I Media consists of two mandatory units and two optional units:

  • R081 Pre-Production skills develops the understanding of a client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process of creative and digital media. Assessed by an end of Unit 75-minute Examination.
  • R082 Creating digital graphics, is a Centre-assessed task and is fully practical. You will learn the basics of digital graphics, editing for the creative and digital media sector and where and why digital graphics are used and what techniques are involved in their creation. Assessed by Controlled Assessment done in the Classroom
  • R085 Design and create a multipage website This unit will enable you to understand the basics of creating an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, multipage website. Assessed by Controlled Assessment done in the Classroom
  • R087 creating interactive multimedia products. These are used widely in everyday life and the creative and digital media sector, including in computer games, mobile phones, presentations and many other areas. You will understand the basics of interactive multimedia products for the creative and digital media sector and will learn where and why interactive multimedia is used and what features are needed for a given purpose. Assessed by Controlled Assessment done in the Classroom

Career Opportunities

There is currently a huge demand for a skilled and digitally literate workforce. Digital media products are used in almost every business and major industry. Digital media plays a key part in many areas of our everyday lives and it is vital to the UK economy that the workforce is equipped with creative, computer literate people.

Post-16 opportunities

This course directly links to the BTEC ICT L3 course offered by the school in addition to many other L3 ICT courses.

Required resources/equipment for the course

Ideally a computer with internet connection at home is advantageous but not essential.

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For further information contact:

Mr Mitson (Head of Computer Science) or your computer science teacher.

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