Computer Science

Welcome to Computer Science

Our computer science and ICT courses at New College Leicester ensure that all students are equipped and ready for the technologically rich world that we currently live in and is our future.

Within Key Stage 3 students are immersed into skills that will ensure that they are ready for all aspects of employment be that directly or indirectly within computing.

We teach the exciting skill of programming at both KS3 an KS4 with a strong focus on the number one programming language that is Python. All students will be taught basic programming skills with KS4 students studying this very important skill at a more advanced level as part of their GCSE course.

Other transferable skills that are part of the curriculum at Key Stage 3 include ‘Web Page Development’ teaching both HTML and Java Script, Artificial intelligence, cryptography and a computer science-based programming project.

These exciting subjects have been chosen to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum in addition to ensuring our vision of a well-rounded, highly technologically diverse student that will possess all the skills required to survive in todays every evolving industrial environment.

At GCSE level students have the choice of following an ICT pathway via the I-Media route or a traditional computer science course. These courses help to empower students that wish to pursue ether a route into traditional industry or as part of a pathway towards a career in a computer science-based business such as games creation or application programming.

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