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“Changing communities through being informed, politically literate and active citizens.”

The Citizenship Curriculum at New College Leicester aims to develop politically literate, active and responsible citizens who are passionate about the contribution they can make to their communities, democracy and wider society. Our intention is to provide a challenging, stimulating and exciting curriculum for students that enables all students to find their voice, develop the ability to form their own opinions, create critical, reasoned arguments and contribute to the conversations concerning issues that affect them.

Citizenship is a powerful subject, it builds knowledge about human rights, the law, politics and global issues, whilst allowing students to explore how they can become active within their communities and wider world.  At New College Leicester students will encounter Citizenship learning in the PD curriculum as well as having the option to take Citizenship GCSE, this is an academically rigorous and popular option choice which challenges students to achieve their potential and consider future careers in Law or Politics.

The Citizenship curriculum is designed to develop rich knowledge in each of the core concepts of Democracy and Government, Fairness and Justice, Rights and Responsibilities, creating open minded and critical thinkers who question what they see, read and hear, as well as learn how to interrogate policy and current affairs.

Through debating controversial and topical issues, students become more respectful and learn to develop skills of advocacy and debate. Through active campaigning and whole school event planning students become team players, they develop skills of political literacy which helps them to become more streetwise in terms of negotiating and developing skills of advocacy.  Students are challenged to think about the world they live in and how to participate and influence democracy so they become successful young change makers, able to confidently apply skills and knowledge in wider contexts, including a range of careers. Students are encouraged to think about and prepare for their future in terms of A-Levels, apprenticeships and degrees.

In terms of Active Citizenship, the Student Parliament organise campaigns, petitions and charity events whilst representing student voice through weekly meetings. As part of their remit, Student Parliament Members are also trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

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