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Choosing the Right Path: An Inspirational Talk by Scott Browett from Right Path

We were pleased to welcome Scott to NCL recently to share with our Year 10s his personal experience of the detrimental effects involvement in drugs can have on a person’s own life and that of their family.

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As Scott’s talk was based on the reality of events in his life and the pathway that drugs took him down, this was not comfortable listening. Scott was factual about his experience, honest and at times his words were shocking. He covered topics such as the dreadful impact of drugs on his life, how county lines ensnare young people and the reality of prison.

The good news is that Scott has turned his life around by choosing to take the route to recovery. He now devotes his time to visiting schools and, by sharing his story, Scott is hoping to educate students about the harsh reality of being involved with drugs, county lines and serving time in prison and thus to dissuade them from getting involved.

His thought-provoking talk encouraged the students to reflect on the effects of different drugs on the body, their lives, and the local community and to consider the impact a prison sentence can have on a person’s life and their future. Throughout the talk our students were very engaged in the activities, were extremely respectful and inquisitive. They appreciated that Scott was sharing some very personal experiences. This was not a TV soap. This was the harsh realities of life but with a positive outcome for Scott.
It was interesting to hear how Scott escaped the grip of the drug habit that had taken over his life, and we wish him well with his future endeavours to keep young people safe.

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