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Careers at The Curve

Year 9 students recently visited the Curve Theatre, Leicester to listen to a range of theatre professionals talk about the wide variety of careers available in the Performing Arts.

The experience delivered valuable knowledge and insights into the variety of backstage roles which are essential elements of the success of any production. Whilst we might all love to be the star of the show performing on the stage, bringing any show or play to the stage involves a wide range of skilled professionals. It offers breadth of careers from costume design to lighting and sound design to choreographer or director to mention just a few.

Careers at Curve 2.jpeg

The opportunity to engage with industry professionals and explore the world of the Performing Arts was very enlightening for our year 9 students, as shown by this selection of comments:

“This was such an inspiring event! I didn’t know there were so many careers available within the Performing Arts!”

“I’ve always wanted to be an actor, and after visiting the theatre, I REALLY want to be an actor.”

“Having an insight into the careers of industry professionals was so interesting.”

“I would love to do work experience here.”

The students were also treated to a behind the scenes tour and were exposed to the magic of how theatre transfers from page to stage! Thank-you to Miss Nikols, teacher of Drama and English for organising this visit.

Careers at Curve 3.jpeg

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