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"Intrigue. Innovate. Inspire"




Welcome to Enterprise

Here at New College Leicester, our Enterprise curriculum aims to open doors of the future to our students by developing their intrigue of the working world around them, innovating the way they see their futures and inspiring them to develop their own entrepreneurship. Students study Enterprise from Year 10 onwards and also have the opportunity to develop this further in our Post 16 provision.

The Enterprise curriculum is developed to create a thirst for knowledge in students about the world of business. It will help them to develop a wider-world knowledge allowing them to be successful during employment or when running their own enterprise, whilst aiming to build their confidence through professional business presentations based on their own potential business ideas. They will also have the opportunity to test their analytical ability when exploring current business trends. Students will develop their numeracy and literacy throughout the coursework and examination units to give them the complete skill set to take their studies further.

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