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BTEC Performing Arts Year 10 & 11 Learning

Students can choose to study either Dance or Drama as a BTEC Tech Level 2 Award at Key Stage 4. Both courses follow the same structure. Students have 3 lessons a fortnight.






Key content

Year 10

Autumn Term

Component 1: Exploring the performing Arts

  • Detailed exploration of three varied professional works with analysis of a specific style
  • Stylistic qualities of the professional works
  • Intentions and purpose the professional works
  • Actors and directors / dancers and choreographers’ responsibilities and skills for specific productions

Spring   & Summer Term

Component 2: Developing skills and techniques in performing arts

  • Develop performance skills as an actor/dancer
  • Apply appropriate performance skills to extracts of existing professional works
  • Evaluate your own skill development and performances

Year 11

Autumn Term

Component 3: Responding to a brief (preparation)

  • Create and develop a performance piece in response to a brief
  • Work effectively as a company of actors/dancers
  • Explore and apply techniques used by professional practitioners
  • Create and execute a rehearsal schedule
  • Apply appropriate rehearsal techniques
  • Document and reflect on the creative process
  • Evaluate your workshop performance

Spring   Term

Component 3: Responding to a brief (Exam)

  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the autumn term (and Component 1 & 2) to the externally set brief