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"To develop creative individuals who can both confidently and independently experiment and communicate in a range of visual forms."


Welcome to Art and Design

High quality Art and Design education should engage, inspire and challenge and this is our ultimate objective at New College Leicester. We have high expectations of our students and of what they can achieve and aim to empower students to reach their full creative potential. Many of the skills developed through the art program are increasingly more important in the modern workplace and therefore key to a successful career.

As pupils advance in Art and Design they will progressively develop their non-verbal communication skills, through investigations and a freedom to explore ideas using a range of materials and techniques. They will critically reflect on the influences around them and show resilience by independently seeing their intentions through to an end goal.

We equip our students with the knowledge and skillset they’ll need to be self-reflective, confident and creative individuals that will be inspired to go on to shape both the wealth and culture of our society.

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