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A Jorvik First for Year 10 History Students

A day trip to York to visit the Jorvik Centre was a first for history students at NCL but its popularity means it won’t be the last!

Planned to complement GCSE studies about the History of Migration focusing on the reasons for the Viking migrations and the impact of their settling here, the visit started with an interactive tour of the Jorvik Centre. This was followed by two workshops, the first of which enabled the students to learn more about Viking artefacts discovered in York city centre. The second workshop at DIG Jorvik, concentrated on the archaeology of the dig. Students had a go at discovering various artefacts.

The visit certainly got the thumbs up from the year 10 history students, as shown by this selection of their comments:

AM: “I loved the whole trip. The ride around the museum to see the different exhibits was brilliant!”
RK: “I liked seeing the coins being made, and learning about what the symbols meant. It was cool.”
AW: “It was a really good trip. It was cool seeing the actual things from the Vikings, from 1000 years ago, like the combs and shoes.”
LC: “I learned a lot from the museum and a lot of it linked up with what we’ve studied in class. Seeing the skeletons was fascinating.”

Bethany Roach, teacher of History comments:
“This was our first trip to Jorvik as we have only just moved to the new GCSE topic with the current Year 10s. It really helped the students to consolidate their knowledge about the Vikings through the use of historical sources and museum artefacts. Hopefully a visit to Jorvik will become an annual event as students and staff found it interesting and enjoyable.”

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