6th Form curriculum

The curriculum is offered via 6 vocational pathways

Pathway 1: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Business)

Pathway 2: Information Technology

Pathway 3: Media Studies

Pathway 4: Sport

Pathway 5: Hairdressing

Pathway 6: Health & Social Care or Children’s Play, Learning and Development (Child Care is level 2)

Each of these pathways can be studied as a fulltime course, or in pathways 1 to 4, they can be split with another to create full time provision. For example, Pathway 2 can be combined with Pathway 4 (1.5 each) to give a learner a full equivalent of a 3 A Level programme.

Learners can also resit GCSE English and/or Maths alongside their Level 3 course if it is required.

The curriculum also provides a personal development programme that underpins the pathways and prepares learners for the world of higher education, Apprenticeships, and industry.