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2024 Lord Lieutenant awards

For the first year ever, four New College Leicester students were recognised for their incredible achievements and commitment to New College and student voice. Both Cleo and Krishna were recognised finalists and attended a Gala celebration at County Hall.  Cleo nominated for the Young Volunteer award and Krishna as Young Leader of the Year award. Both students received £100 gift vouchers and a presentation certificate, presented to them from the Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Mr Mike Kapur OBE.

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Cleo's journey through their school career demonstrates sheer courage, determination, and a passion for creating a safer, more inclusive world. Being a member of the Student Parliament for the last 3 years built up their skills to speak out about issues that affected students. In 2022 they designed and started the first ever LGBT club from scratch, their dedication has provided a critical safe space for students questioning their identities and seeking support. Their contributions extend beyond the club as they took a lead in supporting others to actively participate in assessor interviews for the school SENDIAS award. Here Cleo worked with younger students and helped them with confidence when they too had to be interviewed as part of the award process.

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Krishna exemplifies exceptional leadership, having dedicated five years to fostering a positive impact within her school and wider community. Her journey began in the Student Parliament, where she showcased her unwavering commitment to representing student voices and advocating for change. Leading impactful projects like Stephen Lawrence Day initiatives, two food bank drives for her local food bank, the heart-warming "Knit for Neo-Natal" campaign providing cannula covers to Leicester Royal Infirmary at Christmas, and the "Reporting is Not Snitching" campaign, she consistently demonstrated mature leadership, valuing diverse perspectives and fostering collaboration. Krishna's empathy shines through in initiatives like creating personalised Mother's Day cards for teachers, leaving a lasting positive impact.

Two of our other students were also highly commended for their work and we hosted tea and cake for parents and teachers of McKenzie and Jack, who were guests of honour at their presentation afternoon.  Deputy Lord Lieutenant Libbie Turnbull presented awards on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Mr Mike Kapur OBE CStJ. McKenzie Burden-Crewe was nominated for the Young Person of Courage of the year category in the 2024 round of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards for Young People. This award aims to recognise those who have overcome personal barriers to achieve success, have made a stand against bullying or racism, or have demonstrated a life-saving act of bravery.The judging panel were particularly impressed with McKenzie’s award citation and have asked that they are presented with this certificate of merit, in recognition of his achievement.

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Jack was nominated in the "Young Leader of the Year Category", which aims to recognise those who have inspired people around them by leading a project or change for the better, led a team to success overcoming barriers and obstacles along the way, and shown commitment, promise and determination. The panel were particularly impressed by Jack’s nomination and asked that he too was presented with this certificate of merit, in recognition of his achievement.

Nominator Mrs Shortland had this to say about Jack:

"Jack's leadership ability shines through in numerous achievements. Over the past year, Jack has spearheaded engaging Student Parliament meetings and impactful campaigns, fostering a vibrant platform for student voices to be heard and action taken. This demonstrates his commitment to representing the student body and driving positive change. He recognises the value of collaboration, Jack has actively represented New College Leicester, warmly welcoming visitors and supporting younger students. This showcases his compassion, inclusivity, and dedication to building a strong school community. Jack serves as an exemplary role model, motivating others through his actions. His initiative in creating a weekly student parliament newsletter kept peers informed and engaged, further demonstrating his leadership influence. He always works hard to Bridge the Gap and has sought to involve universities with New College Leicester. Jack possesses a unique charisma that inspires and motivates those around him. He fosters an environment of trust and respect, encouraging diverse perspectives and collaborative decision-making. He is simply brilliant".

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Mckenzie was nominated for the "Young Person of Courage of the Year". This award aims to recognise those who have overcome personal barriers to achieve success, have made a stand against bullying or racism, or have demonstrated a life-saving act of bravery. The judging panel were particularly impressed with Mckenzie’s award citation and asked that he was presented with this certificate of merit, in recognition of his achievement.

Nominator Mr Hodgson had this to say about Mckenzie:

"Beyond his academic achievements, Mckenzie exemplifies kindness, thoughtfulness, and leadership. He takes on leadership roles with enthusiasm and responsibility, demonstrating a natural ability to inspire and motivate others. Mckenzie's compassionate nature is evident in his efforts to mentor new students, forming strong friendships and creating a supportive community within the school. Moreover, he consistently goes above and beyond to boost his knowledge and understanding, displaying a commendable work ethic and thirst for learning. His strong moral compass guides his actions, and his outstanding interpersonal skills enable him to collaborate effectively with peers and teachers alike. Mckenzie became a librarian towards the end of Year 8 and this has helped boost his confidence, he will take on the challenges of asking his peers to follow the school rules when in the library such as no eating/drinking etc. Mckenzie has grown so much in the last 12 months and whilst dealing with his anxiety is a daily battle he does it with such an amazing can do attitude.

In conclusion, Mckenzie embodies the values of our 4 R’s here at New College Leicester which are Resilience, Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility. He continues to grow and flourish on a daily basis. He is truly deserving of recognition for his achievements and serves as an inspiration to us all".

A huge congratulations to all our incredible students, well deserved recognition for all their hard work.

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