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Year 10 Students Showcase Space Physics Research at University of Leicester's Orbyts Project

New College Leicester's Year 10 students recently had the exciting opportunity to present their ground-breaking research on space physics as part of the prestigious Orbyts Project at the University of Leicester. The Orbyts Project is a unique initiative that partners schools with leading space scientists, allowing students from Years 10 to 12 to actively engage in current space research. This year's focus was on topics such as near-Earth space and Jupiter's atmosphere.


Engaging in Active Space Research

Under the guidance of professional space scientists, the students delved into complex space science topics, gaining hands-on experience and insights into the intricacies of space physics. The collaboration provided them with a unique platform to explore and contribute to real-world scientific inquiries, significantly enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the subject.

The research conducted by the students covered critical areas of space science, including:

  1. Near-Earth Space: Investigating the dynamics and phenomena occurring in the space surrounding Earth, which is crucial for understanding satellite operations, space weather, and potential threats from space debris.
  1. Jupiter's Atmosphere: Exploring the composition, structure, and weather patterns of Jupiter's atmosphere, which can provide insights into the planet's formation and its potential for harbouring life.


Showcasing Confidence and Teamwork

The highlight of the project was the showcase event at the University of Leicester, where the Year 10 students presented their findings to an audience of academic researchers and space science enthusiasts. Demonstrating exceptional confidence and teamwork, the students delivered their research with clarity and enthusiasm, effectively communicating complex scientific concepts to their audience.

Their presentations were met with high praise, not only for the depth of their research but also for their ability to engage with the audience. The students showcased impressive quick-thinking and analytical skills as they fielded questions from the academic researchers, providing thoughtful and insightful responses that demonstrated their thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Building Skills for the Future

Participation in the Orbyts Project has been a transformative experience for these young researchers. It has equipped them with valuable skills in scientific inquiry, data analysis, and public speaking. Moreover, the project has fostered a strong sense of curiosity and a passion for space science, potentially inspiring some of these students to pursue careers in STEM fields.



The involvement of New College Leicester's Year 10 students in the Orbyts Project at the University of Leicester is a testament to the power of collaborative learning and the impact of providing students with opportunities to engage in real-world scientific research. Their ability to confidently present their findings and thoughtfully engage with an academic audience speaks volumes about the quality of education and mentorship they received.

Congratulations to all the participating students and their mentors for their hard work and dedication. Their achievements in the Orbyts Project not only contribute to the field of space science but also highlight the bright future of the next generation of scientists and researchers.

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